Is Digital Detox Any Good? 5 Ways You Can Be Certain.

Smita Sinha
3 min readAug 3, 2021


Often at times, you have wondered why aren’t you able to focus for long periods. Well, it’s a really tough job to focus on one thing when your whole attention is on your mobile and that message that you keep getting on Whatsapp and those memes on social media.Isn’t it?

Oh, God, how can you scroll past these wonderful feeds and those pics.? You should like them.

Yeah.Well, it’s tempting .

Quite distracting right?

Yeah, totally.

What is the need for digital detox —

Well, you don’t want to be in a position where you don’t remember stuff often or your sleep pattern is upside down or you don’t have a schedule or hours and hours are gone and you don’t even realise that, don’t you? Loss of time is a major issue.And it’s money.

You develop habits to suit your current addictions. You want things quickly. And you don’t wait for long-term gains. Do you? You can’t concentrate that is the biggest blunder and you don’t want to be in that position where you are always scolded by people around you. Well, I am sure you don’t.

It would be better if you develop a system that doesn’t let you soaked in distraction and make you sober up.

It’s hard but you can be controllable. Want to know how? Let me show you by writing it —

1. Stay away from things that don’t let you focus. I know it’s not possible if your source is your mobile. But, what you can do is keep a physical distance from your mobile. For, over 5 hours you can decrease or increase depending on your behaviour or tendency of addiction.

More the physical distance between your mobile and you, the more you can focus. It has a direct correlation.

More focus =Less use of mobile

2. You can choose a day where you don’t use your mobile for a day .It can be Sunday or any other day you prefer.

3.You can use your time by opting for non-digital means of life. Items or things where you don’t have to use digital means instead you can use physical things like books to read. You can swim or skate .Play indoor games or outdoor games whatever suits your taste.

4. Logout from all devices on the internet after you use which will take a while for you to log in.That will wear your patience out.

5.You can download apps that block other apps from using it. You can use.
App blocker — Yourslice.There are many other apps which you can block.

These are some ways I use for Digi detox. You can use them too if you like them. Let me know if it helps you or not, okay?

I hope, this was helpful for you. Thank you for reading the article.



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