What Art Teaches You?

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See, how different these both pics are, but are beautiful in their own right. You can’t compare two different items. Now, can you? Nope, or you can. Depends on you.

Drawing has been with you for Eons and Centuries. People have been drawing for God knows how long. The duration is hard to take a grasp on .

The earliest examples of paintings or drawings can be found on the walls of the cavemen. They would draw on the walls using berries, fruits from which colour can be obtained. Remember, them?

The records date back to various Indus people during the Age of Indus civilisation dated 2500 Bc — 1750 Bc. The pots and pottery ware items were painted with or without colour.

Every civilisation has left something or the other after their ruin or demise.

Renaissance, this age high lightened various things, from art to literature, to rights to revolutions to industrialisation. This was monumental for bringing the change you see today. The awareness of these all is can’t be missed.

The reigns of kings and various dynasties. The rulers can be traced down through these monuments and buildings of those eras. Truly, of significance for history buffs and architectural and archaeological lovers.

The houses, buildings, monuments that you see today comes under the architectural domain. The planning, design and construction of these structures gives a great finish. Isn’t it? Have you seen the temples, shrines, churches, Mosques, and monastery designs? There are works of art themselves. Living proof of historical and religious sentiments. And what the rulers patronised during those times. It’s such a great thing to know about. Don’t you agree?!

The age of computers and the internet and social media (for showcasing your stuff)that has open various dimension for various stuff.

Graphics design, illustration, 3D game design, Ui/Ux design animation and motion graphics. You can’t forget them, can you? Nope ,they are art themselves.

And NFTs.Don’t forget them.

How the evolution of these subjects is playing a crucial role in today’s lifestyle.

The whole point was to go back in history and reminiscent art and its evolution. And how far ahead we have come!

Did you notice something here?

1.A thing about Evolution —

Evolution has played a key role in all of them. And this is a constant thing. You can’t deny them. There is no change without evolution. The change is the building block of evolution.

2.A thing about Struggles and Resistance —

People have struggled in the past and will continue to do so in their respective domains. You can’t avoid it by running or ducking it. Accept it.

The more you run away the more it comes closer to you .

Resistance is a small speed breaker in your path. It decreases the speed but does not stops completely. It’s you who stops when it’s should be the time to move. Resistance and struggles are part of life. Resistance is more like a chance for you to improve. If you know what and where to improve in. You’ll surely improve. Move slowly but with a pace of your own.

Resistance is like a hurdle race. You jump to clear hurdles. Sort and simple. You gotta jump high to not touch the hurdles otherwise you will be eliminated from the race.

But you’ll land on the sand. And you can start again.

Jump each hurdle one at a time.

3.A thing about Patience —

It teaches you to have patience with yourself, not others. You are trying to learn things for yourself, not others. You’ll have to give yourself the time to be familiar with all tools at your disposal to learn the thing. Learn each and everything will take time. And you have to give yourself time. You are a baby at this so you have to be able to learn the things you are not good at, know things you are good at.And relearn the process again to hone your craft.

When you came into the game, the game had certain requirements from its players that needed to be fulfilled. If the game wants you to jump and you are not good at it. Then, it’s a given that you’ll have to learn to jump to ace the game. You can’t back out from the jumping thing just because you are not good at it..otherwise, you’ll be eliminated. You’ll have to start again from the same level. You can not move ahead without clearing the previous level.You are the player of the game , rules and regulations are meant to be abiding by and followed.

The patience of a child, and the patience of a parent while teaching are different and need to be tackled by the level they are in. It can be developed.

There are some things that you have to learn. And you can’t afford to ignore them. And there are some things you can ignore while you afford them.

4. A thing about trial and error-

You make them too much of a deal when it isn’t actually. Otherwise, you would have taken them as trials and errors (temporary and reversible), not as setbacks of permanent nature. Overthinking, a necessary evil when you hit a low phase instead of doing it in action.

5.A thing about journey —

Your journey is your own. What you encounter on your path and what you don’t, is totally your own. What you acquire here is your own. What setbacks you get here is your own. Learn to absorb both the perspective. Whether good or bad or neutral. You can’t compare your journey with others. Learn to appreciate shortcomings. And appreciate yourself for being you and nobody else.

At times, when things don’t go your way, you feel dishearten right?

Highs and lows of emotions are bound to happen.

Take a break when that happens. You should always learn to pick yourself up and break the pattern each time things go out of your control. Learn to let go or either be in complete control. So, don’t fret later.

Okay, these are the things art teaches you. I hope, you had a fun time reading it.

Thanks for reading!




Content Writer | Storyteller | Habits | Personal Growth |Productivity| Lessons of life | short stories |Poems |https://ko-fi.com/smitasinha93379

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Smita Sinha

Smita Sinha

Content Writer | Storyteller | Habits | Personal Growth |Productivity| Lessons of life | short stories |Poems |https://ko-fi.com/smitasinha93379

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