The Greyness Within Him/Her…

Note: Okay, so this is an introductory paragraph that leads you to your story up ahead.

Some of the information is listed below regarding it:-

What would be the format?

This will be in the format of a story and there will be brackets like these ( …..) which will denote the writer's thought or action. It could also denote the character's thought, action, or sound related to it (character’s thought /action /sound — c stands for character perspective). Usually, the writer's dialogue boxes will be without sound enclosed in a bracket (writer’s thought/action — no sound- w stands for writer's perspective) and will appear only when there’s no character insight in the story. The brackets (…) are thought boxes.

Is the theme dark or light?

It could be both;)

A Little about characters?

This piece is oriented to suit the need of the characters. Here, each character will be your eyes and ears in the story like most stories. All the characters will be different, but won’t be totally similar in terms of personality and with a slight difference in their behavior.

Is each character linked?!

(w.- yeah, maybe) Characters will change according to their archetypes. They might or might not be linked.

Is it set in the modern world?

Maybe, if, the plot demands, sure. (nope, not telling you, read it yourself ☺)




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