The Effect Of Fickle Choices

The fickle You

The fickle were the choices you took not the result. The fickle were the desires you were tempted to;

Oh, Dear! how sorrowful was your stance?

The fickle were the tendencies that you gave into;

Oh, How much I wished you had done something sooner; Before it bore its effect on your life .

The fickle were not the aftereffects but the collection of present do’s that led to your fall.

Oh, how I wished you had done something sooner; before it bore its effects on your life.

If only you had been a bit saner before it made you drowsier.

— From the Writer

The word fickle gives you the feel of the change of thought process every now and then. It correlates with adopting new thoughts and not sticking to one thought that you previously had. It is mostly the decision that is changed after the arrival of every new thought. So, it doesn’t leave a good impression on people and our work. And you don’t want that in your life right?!

Hahaha, No!

It’s not easy to stick by your original decision and stay committed to the course of action. if you have a backup option other than the one you’re pursuing it can definitely put you in a tough spot. But managing both of them is the call you’ll have to make. Since every action has a befitting reaction to its name.

Leave your work once and your never back again to do the work.

Leave your work one time and it will pileup.

Leave your work midway and the time to do the work is gone.

Ignore your work once and rewards will ignore you next time.

Leave your work once and you’re gone for a month now.

Leave your work all the time ; leave it . it has become a habit now.

You’ll have to tread sincerely otherwise you won’t get your share of efforts when you’re efforts start showing the fruits. You’ll have to walk carefully and choose your battle wisely.

You should know that everything in the world is due to the effect of compounding. Compounding is, has been, and always will be the important parameter that governs life .

An easy choice and decision will give you a difficult life — a superficial one and a hard choice and decision will give you the thing you actually need — a life of Stability. It doesn’t matter what you want in life. It is always the choices, decisions and habits that set you up for the cause. You can’t simply avoid them by douching and running away. Your life can only move when what you fear has been faced by you or overcame by you. Otherwise, it will keep coming back at you until you do something about it. It will come in circles and engulf you so that you can fight the battle and learn the necessary skills that are required up ahead.

Run and it will come after you.

Hide and it will come after you.

Avoid and it will come after you.

Face it and it will be gone forever.

Here, are some things you could do —

1.You could follow one course of action or route till you reach its end. And be the witness of the change, see the results in action.

2.You could have one thought till it’s completion.

3.Go by your earlier thoughts. Stick to it like a thorn on the rose 🌹.

4.Avoid other people or stuff that changes your thought and decisions.

5.know your trigger of change .Track it on a physical format like a notepad or digital format like Notion.

Anything which influences you overpowers you. Up to you which course of action you will take.

Since every decision has a consequence. You shouldn’t make a hasty decision or not take a decision at all to just avoid it. As I said, “Every choice has consequences”. Whether the choice is taken or choice not taken is still a decision and it will have a consequence wether good or bad only time will tell . All you can do is to do your very best in every thing you do.

So, do your job with utmost sincerity, you will be appreciated for your efforts and the joy you get is the best possible gift anyone can give you. So, shower yourself with rewards…

Happy reading ☺!



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