Are You A Pro At Procrastinating ?

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It’s been days and you have not gotten back to your old routine? Maybe you’ll be back.

It’s been a month and you still haven’t come back from your old state. So, when are you coming back from procrastinating?

It’s been a year and you are still not back as of yet, are you? Well, guess what you have been delaying so much that it had become a year now!

So, the question is, are you or are you not coming to terms with your whole situation that is not working for you! A year back, you were a noob at procrastinating and a year later you have become a pro! Woah, quite an achievement you got there! A total downward trend of your productivity. Now, you can teach people how to be a pro at “procrastinating”? — Awesome, don’t you think?

Okay, So now how do you use this to your benefit?

1. Avoid Overthinking Before Work

So, we know for a fact that if you think too much about any work or anything in general, it may lead to you procrastinating. So, why not avoid thinking about it altogether. When you overthink before you start your work, you are taking away the opportunity of uncertainty that is coming with your work. That may lead to a sudden burst of emotion being attached to your work. If your illusion of good and bad expectations sees a wide gap in a comparison to reality. Then, you’ll be disappointed and there won’t be any excitement for the work at hand which you don’t want,right?

2.Know Your Triggers

I am damn sure you have an idea when you procrastinate and when you don’t, right?! So, assuming you have an idea about your ways, you just have to avoid procrastination at that very time. You can do your work before the actual due date. That is in advance. You can do the assignment just when you got to know about them or if you don’t know your pattern of procrastination, Then watch yourself for a 4weeks while maintaining or recording your every movement in videos or writing or documenting yourself in a blog or vlog. You can do both of these or only one which ever you are comfortable with.

3. Do Your Work When You Just Got Them

One of the less exhausting things to worry about is your piled up assignments. Don’t you agree? if you could do each of your assignments on time and that too when you just got them is very relaxing.

4. Avoid Being a Latecomer

Don’t do keep your work for the last moment, just do them before their due date. This is less burdensome if you give it a try. Do it in one go.

5. You learn the value of time

If you develop a habit of less procrastinating, then you will be able to learn the skill of being on time. Since there’s a saying which goes by — Time is money. Learn it while you still have time.

Indeed, time is a precious thing that you should value but never forget what lose by procrastinating too much. So, always be on time. I hope that next, you’re on time to read the post before I upload it.

Thank you for reading the article!



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